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Carlo Schröder
Reprojekt GmbH


    Carlo Schröder, born 1978, graduate engineer in mechanical engineering at the Leibniz University of Hannover.

    Mr. Schröder has been active in the wind industry since 2009 and started with the design and certification of towers and their connecting devices for wind turbines (WTG). Until 2015 he also gained experience in tower construction (especially for a wind turbine on a wooden tower), as construction manager for a wind farm in Bavaria and for the BImSchG approval procedure.

    Since 2016 he has been a shareholder of Reprojekt GmbH, which in turn is a member of the expert advisory board of the German Wind Energy Association (BWE). In this environment, tests in wind farms with up to 42 turbines have been carried out, ranging from acceptance of rotor blades lying on the ground in Lower Saxony to assessments after commissioning in France, drone flight (DJI Inspire 2) to rotor blade inspection in Norway, Blade angle measurements (Romeg M20) of WTGs in Finland, endoscopy (Olympus Iplex GT) of the main bearings of WTGs in the North Sea up to load simulation (FAST v7) for the analytical part of the further operation report as well as preparation of tower statics for small wind turbines.

    Mr. Schröder is working onshore and meanwhile also offshore and is looking forward to your contact and inquiries regarding your individual tasks.