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Mario Najorka
Team 42 Industriekletterei UG (haftungsbeschränkt)


    My name is Mario Najorka, I am the managing director of Team 42 Industriekletterei UG in Berlin and here at I am your expert and personal contact when it comes to work at lofty heights. In the following I would like to give you a short overview of my experiences and stations over the years.

    I came to the industrial climbing business in 2001 as a freelancer and took on my first assignments with Berlin-based Climax GmbH. As early as 2003, I took over the first assembly inspections for the erection of lattice towers - for customers such as Nordex, Senvion and for various citizen wind farms, among others. One year later, I was commissioned to carry out the first expert inspections by Nordex. Now I was also involved in the erection and dismantling of wind measuring masts in the onshore area as well as repair and maintenance on and offshore.

    In 2005, I extended my field of activity to include the installation and maintenance of drive-in systems (BFA). Here I belonged to one of the first "externals" who was instructed by the company Hailo. This was followed by the first rotor blade expertises and repairs. In addition, I organised the first training courses in cooperation with TÜV-Nord and GFK specialists on the subject of rotor blade inspection and repair and also trained the subcontractors of the Climax company in this field.

    In 2006, I went abroad for the first time, for example to Italy, Bulgaria or Canada, for the maintenance and repair of wind turbines and wind measuring masts. This was followed at the end of 2010 by the exclusive support of SSC Wind, among other things for the repair and maintenance of GE turbines. 

    In 2018 I finally took over the company Climax GmbH with a partner before founding the company Team 42 Industriekletterei UG as sole shareholder in 2019. Since 2020 my company is listed as a supplier at GE Wind Energy GmbH. Also in this year I expanded our business portfolio by the assembly of PV systems in the industrial sector as well as the project management for WTG deconstruction.

    As further references I can name numerous companies and individual operators, such as Airwerk, Alpha Wind, deanBV Group, Felix Nova GmbH, Geo-Net, SeebaTec GmbH, - Wind at work GmbH or the wind farm Mücheln Auetal. My certifications also include EuP, Fisat (Level 1-3), GWO (Global Wind Organization), PSAgA, SCC/SGU, Hailo HWS as well as qualifications for BFA (Böcker, Goracon) testing and maintenance.

    If you are looking for support in the field of industrial climbing and would like to have access to an experienced expert in this field, please contact me! Let us talk about your tasks and clarify how I can help you.