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Valuation for wind turbines

Do you actually know what your wind turbine or wind farm is worth?

  • Have the current market value of your wind turbines determined free of charge
  • Based on > 10 years of market movement data
  • On the basis of > 11 billion transaction volumes
  • You can also benefit from the market assessment of our sales partners

We help you as an operator and manager of wind farms to determine a realistic value for your asset if it is to be sold. This practical valuation is based on experience of actual transactions amounting to over 11 billion euros and market movement data from the last 10 years on the global trading platform

Practical, realistically oriented to the market!

We in the team have direct access to this valuable data and supplement this information with current value assessments and forecasts from our sales partners. This enables us to provide you with guidance on the value of your wind turbines or your wind farm - with or without a site.

Our experts

Thomas Albrecht

Thomas Albrecht has been working in the renewable energy sector for over 25 years. One focus of his work is advising on the purchase and sale of renewable energy plants as well as optimization during the operating phase.

He has successfully advised numerous customers and ensured that wind turbines have found a new owner. A fair purchase price and the economic operation of the turbines were particularly important to him.

Peter Klessascheck

Peter Klessascheck has been working in the national and international wind industry for over 25 years. His core competence covers the entire value chain of project management from the project idea, realization and operation to the dismantling of wind turbines.

As a project manager and executive, he has accompanied projects in more than 20 countries on all continents. He supports the team with his expertise in contract management, project execution and the profitability analysis of projects, as well as in site evaluation, sales and the construction of primary and secondary market plants.